Is procrastination stealing your time?

Have you ever wondered why some people find it easy to stay on track? How these people achieve their goals and dreams with ease? Are you a procrastinator? Do you drag your feet? Are you underachieving in the areas where you most desire success?

You are not alone! I used to be exactly the same!

Today I am a superstar at getting the shit done that matters and putting the rest in the don’t bother file. So, if you want to become a go F al-oriented legend, stay tuned to get your hands on my secret sauce for kicking procrastination to the kerb.

Ok, first let me explain why people get so stuck.

It’s simple, unsuccessful people focus on the process not the outcome and they have a specific strategy to do this.

Let me say that again. “Unsuccessful people focus on the process not the outcome”.

So, let’s look at someone who wants to lose weight and they have decided that to do this they need to start going to the gym and exercising.

So here’s how it works

Step 1. They think about going to the gym

Step 2 They focus on the slogging it out or maybe people looking at them, how uncomfortable they will feel, how hard it will be etc.

So, what do you reckon, do they feel motivated? NOT FREAKING LIKELY !!!

What they need is a new strategy and focus so let’s try this.

  1. Focus on desired outcome. (Lean and strong)

  2. Focus on how you will feel once the session is over. (happy high proud)

  3. Act as if it’s already happened (say out loud I am healthy I am strong I am fit I am lean)

By doing this last step you are waking up your unconscious to focus on what you want and by doing this almost as if by magic things become easier (there’s a little more to it but for now just trust me when I say it’s like having a team of cheerleaders screaming for your success from the sidelines)

You see all you need to do is change where you are focusing and everything changes.

In life we have strategies for everything we do and the most successful people on the planet are not special, they just have great strategies.

So, if you want to achieve massive success in life when it comes to dream setting you first need to become a “strategy creation superstar” and there are a few simple rules to follow.

  1. Focus on the outcomes.

  2. Focus on the benefits and of achieving your goal. (Get specific)

  3. Fast forward yourself to a time when you have achieved your goal and notice how you feel. (Imagine what it will look like, where you will be, what’s that like?)

  4. Get clear about your intentions for the goal. (Your Why)

So simple right?

Where your focus goes, your energy flows

Ok so this was like just a little insight into the power of your mind if you would like to go a bit deeper then join me for 4 action packed weeks in one of my Happy U Or Healthy U programs where you will design a life you love, a life filled with passion power and purpose. The life you are meant to be living.

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